Hi there! So about this blog, originally when I started, I made these gifs for a disney role play blog, I rped as Ortensia and my boyfriend Jamey rped as Oswald. Eventually it got to a point where we were both just too busy to keep roleplaying, it was lots of fun though! At any rate because I was making them according to need, I started out making them in no particular order! I abandoned this blog about 5 months ago, when I quit the RP but I have decided to reclaim it and make it better than ever! I've attempted to make it more organized and have even set up a queue to keep me more on track! Woo hoo! Anyways, if you want to check out any of my other blogs, my main account is Sarawr Smiles my disney polyvore is Panic-at-the-Disney and then my generic all things disney blog is Disney Glam Can you tell I get bored and have a lot of time on my hands? ..yeah ..oh and if you want even more blogs to follow check out my Affiliates! They're Great <3 And if you want to affiliate yourself with this blog just shoot me an ask! I would love to link you :) ok later days <3